For Students

  • Collaborative Learning Online

    Dental Cares Decisions offers a Discussion Forum with a Small Group Assignment option to provide opportunities for students to collaborate in the online environment.

  • Easy Access

    Your Student Dashboard is the central access point for you to find your next assignment, receive feedback, and track your progress.

  • Track your Progress

    Use your Gradebook to track your grades, time spent on each module, and how you compare to the rest of your class.

  • Features

    • Interactive Audio Case Studies: listen to a short audio scenario and answer questions to make critical decisions
    • Hot Spot Anatomy/Equipment Exercises:identify items in a hot spot capable image; some modules concentrate on anatomy, some concentrate on identifying equipment used in dental practice.
    • Communication Exercises
    • Flash Card Decks
    • Practice tests
    • Pronunciation Guide/Glossary: based upon Taber’s dictionary. Includes pronunciations and short definitions for certain key words from each chapter.
    • Fill-in Procedure Exercises: you are provided with the steps of a procedure with one key step missing. Identify the missing step.
    • E-Book: A complete e-version of your textis provided in searchable format on your Student Dashboard; direct links to specific sections in the text (related directly to modules in the DDD environment) are available on each module screen.